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Anything Goes

It is an informal club for people of any age or sex to get together and enjoy themselves and have some fun. There are two rules;


1) Enjoy  yourself  

2) No one is left on their own.


Friendliness is the theme.


Visitors are welcome and will pay a little extra but after attending 2 events they are expected to become members.


The subscription is £10 which covers the cost of the programme and the free food and drink at the AGM in January. Events are priced just above cost, some we win and some we lose, depending on the attendance figures but we are usually able to give some money to a mutually acceptable charity at the end of the year while maintaining a healthy balance against disasters.


At the AGM any member can put forward an event that they would be prepared to organise and it is put to the members for their support, if agreed the organiser comes to a programme meeting the following week with all the details  and cost. The flexible dates are arranged around the fixed ones and the programme is usually sorted out  in under  2  hours.


We do not have a committee but we do need and have an  treasurer and I just hold things together and can be contacted when required which  works very well.


The organisers are fully responsible for their own event and can call on other members to help them. If they need a deposit for a speaker or any prior expenses the treasurer will give them the money and all cheques should be made payable   to Anything Goes.  He/She prefers to have all the money in and then pay out the expenses   rather than  the organiser taking out his/her expenses.


The membership is always in excess of 50 and the average attendance for most events is around 10 /20 which    means that they can get to know each other and can  pick and choose events they  like without feeling guilty  when  they do not attend. However with big events with a minimum attendance figure to cover overheads we do have to encourage members to attend.


Once a month we have a Natter & Nosh in the pub which enables people on their own to attend and know that there will be others there so they are not on their own.


We are now coming up to our 12th Anniversary  and have helped a lot of people who have been bereaved especially widows who say they are so grateful to Anything Goes for helping them back to life again.

NB We prefer wine to coffee!!