Castle Bytham

Parish Council

Anything Goes Reading Group

The Bythams Bookworms evolved from Anything Goes some 8 years ago and has continued to thrive ever since. There are currently thirteen members who meet monthly at 10.30 hrs.on the third Thursday of every month.  Members take turns to either Chair or Host the meeting.  Accompanied by a glass or two of wine the meeting commences with members expressing their views on the book of the moment, often followed by heated discussions! Thereafter a more relaxed atmosphere ensues as general discussions continue over coffee and delicious home made cake.


The Bookworm year is from March to February with its Annual General Meeting taking place each January, over lunch at a local hostelry.  The February meeting, also at a local hostelry, allows members to take advantage of the “Lunch for Less” menus on offer!! The December ‘Christmas Party’ meeting involves a four course meal at a member’s house with ‘seasonal activities’!  It is also the time when the trophy gnome is awarded for act/acts of amusement. This ‘tasteful’ trophy must be displayed in a prominent position in the winner’s house for the coming year.  Books are selected by members, from a bank of titles supplied by the Lincolnshire Library Service, at a cost of thirty pounds per year.  Members pay a subscription of five pounds per year and this covers the fees charged by the Library Service and incidentals.  This is a popular Anything Goes activity with a waiting list, since most members have been involved since its inception!

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