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Crochet Group (aka The Happy Hookers)

Some years ago – so many that Sheila Collison was still at the shop – a few women started working together at crochet once a week. This gradually dwindled as people left or changed interests or whatever. Then, a younger member of the village asked me “When are you going to start the crochet group again?” and we set up again, once a week on alternate afternoons and evenings so that those at work could also join. The evenings dwindled this time and that particular young enquirer never did join us anyway.


But the afternoon workers have just gone from strength to strength. We have a definite policy of teaching, all the more skilled workers takin on real beginners. Everyone has helped in various projects, so together we have created scarves for soldiers, hats for sailors, “doll’s clothes” for prem babies, children’s warm clothing, full size blankets for wedding-presents, Easter Bunnies and – wait for it – Teddy Bears for the Police. (These are not for the officers to play with but for offering comfort to children involved in accidents and very popular these bears are).  We also completed an order for 28 Holly Boutonnières for the choir to wear at their Christmas Concert. We keep busy.


And of course meeting in the afternoon at each other’s homes means tea and cakes. I worry that we do become a shade competitive about our baking.


Crochet is challenging yet relaxing and rewarding, colourful too – it does not need to be white and lacy bits of limited use. But now having told you of the delights of crochet work the best I can offer is help and advice if you want to start yourself, as we cannot make our group any bigger without compromising the cakes. Pity. Do get in touch if you want to know more, on 01780 410421.