Castle Bytham

Parish Council

St James' Church Castle Bytham

The church, started in the 12th century, and restored in 1900, is dedicated to St James and is one of a group of parishes in the rural deanery of Beltisloe.


It contains an unusual memento of the English Restoration: a ladder, formerly used in the tower, with a carved inscription which reads "THIS WARE THE MAY POVL 1660", suggesting that May celebrations were held in the village (as they were throughout the country) to mark the return to the throne of King Charles II.


Sunday Services:


First Sunday of the month

9.00am Little Bytham

11.00am South Witham


Second Sunday:

9.00am Castle Bytham

11.00am South Witham


Third Sunday:

9.00am Careby

11.00 South Witham


Fourth Sunday:

9.00am Creeton

11.00am South Witham